Who We Are

Gordon Business Solutions (GBS) is a leading Digital Marketing resource provider for businesses of all sizes. We specialize in the Development, Optimization, and Execution of Multi-channel Digital Marketing and Lead Generation Campaigns. Through both online and offline efforts we drive interested consumers directly to our clients. Contact us today to learn how we can enhance your digital presence, lower customer acquisition costs, and increase ROI for every marketing dollar you spend.


Our Approach


Customized Solutions

We understand that the needs and objectives of every business is unique. We provide tailor-made services to suit your requirements. Our tireless efforts, strict adherence to ethics, and our committed and swift customer support have jointly contributed to our growth.

Exclusive Leads

GBS provides Lead Generation solutions for sales based businesses. In additional to branded internal campaigns we run for clients as their Agency of Record (AOR), we manage a diverse network of highly branded, niche informational websites that attract consumers interested in receiving services across various industries to drive exclusive leads.

Dedicated Support

Each GBS client is assigned a dedicated contact to provide daily support. Campaign updates, reports, changes, conversion results, and much more can be handled by this relationship.

Guaranteed Results

We provide value-for-money services; with us, you can expect uncompromising high-quality at reasonable rates. Each of our services strictly adheres to the quality standards of our industry and the expectations of our clients.

Lead Generation

GBS launched in 2010 as a dedicated Digital Footprint Developer, Lead Aggregator and Media Buying Agency. We have grown to specialize in both online and offline performance driven marketing campaigns, driving interested customers directly to our clients. We take the guesswork out of customer acquisition.


Marketing Services

As an Agency of Record, GBS can handle all of your marketing needs. We leverage our diversified expertise accross Television, Radio, Online, and Social Media to build out niche targeted strategies focused on driving leads and sales.

Many clients consider us their marketing department, without the overhead costs of training and paying internal employees. Our expertise runs the gamut from website design and SEO, branding, and creative design to full lead generation campaigns across all online and offline marketing channels.


Call Center Management

GBS has managed call center camapaigns and flow across multiple verticals. For select Enterprise clients, our team manages call center agents and provides with raw calls and live tranfers from marketing campaigns. We optimize daily based on data reports. increase overall lead conversions.

What We Offer Our Enterprise Clients

Call Center
In-House Management
Virtual Agents
Velocify Management
Script Optimization
Sales Floor Management
External Call Center
Double Verification Services
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Lead Generation
Raw Calls
Live Transfers
Paper/Email Leads
Double Verification
Television Calls
Internet Leads
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SEO, Email & SMS
Video/Audio Ads
Search Ads
Content Marketing
Brand Development
Social Media
HR Recruting & Training
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We have worked with clients in the following Verticals:

  • Financial Services
    Mortgages, Student Loan Debt, Tax Debt/Consolidation, Auto Waranty
  • Insurance
    Health Insurance, Auto Insurance, Life Insurance
  • Education
    Higher Ed, Tutoring, Virtual Learning, Standardized Testing, Professional Networking
  • Local Businesses
    Restaurants, Hotels, Retail, Construction, repair, Doctors Offices, Rehab Facilaties

Check out some of our work

Web Development, Lead Gen (Digital), Social Media, Reputation Management Digital Footprint Optimization, etc.


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